Bus trip

On my way to New York. I've decided to get a hotel tonight, not because I'm not enjoying the roulette wheel of hosteling, but because there are no hostels with vacancies in the area. I actually kind of like staying in hostels, but I admit it will be nice to take a shower without needing to use flip flops as fungus barriers.

Also the hotel is a short walk from Times Square, so that will be nice.

What you can't see in this photo is that the boy in front of me is watching "Friends" muted with Chinese subtitles on his laptop, so I can't follow along. The French girl a couple rows up, that looks like Felicia Day, is clearly unhappy with the man snoring loudly behind her. Also a woman is throwing up in the restroom eight feet behind me. But I'm still enjoying myself. Just using this free time to get some things down in my journal.

I'll post more photos tonight from New York!