Rainbow Ledges

I wanted to have some time alone today, so stayed at the shelter a little longer this morning to give all the other Sobos (southbounders) some distance on me. I think I heard a moose forty yards away just now. I'm going to hang out here quietly for a bit to see if it comes out.

I met more hikers at the Hurd Brook shelter last night. Two sisters from Kentucky going by the trail names Bambi and Thumper. I've been given the name Cam, short for The Cameraman, since I stop to take so many photos (anyone surprised?). It hasn't really stuck yet though. I'm still Ryan for the most part. At the shelter, I also met a retired French couple who don't speak a word of English. We try to speak through a very rudimentary form of sign language, but that isn't working well.

This is only day three, but I feel confident I will make it to Georgia. I'm having the time of my life.