The show was amazing. I was more excited than I thought I could be. Sat in the third row on Dave's right. Right by the CBS Orchestra and most importantly, just a few yards from Eddie Vedder performing solo on his uke. It was unbelievable. And the song was beautiful and perfect.

If you watch, and you really should, to give you an idea of where I was sitting, when Dave comments on Cameron Diaz's legs and they switch to a camera angle pointing at them, that was my view. I mention that because now you'll remember when you're watching.

I'll write more later, when I can get online. No internet at this hostel and I have tons of photos to upload. No cameras allowed in the show though.

Alright, I'm in Times Square leaning against a building and texting like a weirdo, so I'm going to walk down the street and see what else happens... you never know.