White House Landing

A mile from the Appalachian Trail lies an oasis in the 100 mile wilderness. The side trail ends at a dock on a massive lake. Sound an air horn that is tied to a tree and minutes later there is Bill in a boat, the owner of White House Landing, coming to pick you up.

No phones or electricity, but WHL provides a small restaurant, bunkhouse, cabins, and showers for weary hikers or whoever else finds themselves in the Middle of Nowhere, Maine. After a shower, I headed to the restaurant for lunch. They have a high calorie hiker menu. I had the one pound deluxe hamburger with everything. Five days ago I wouldn't have thought that was very appetizing. But a lot has happened in five days.

After lunch, I washed clothes by hand in a tub. Then took their kayak out on the lake and paddled around with a loon. Now I'm relaxing on their porch swing. I could get used to this simple life.

I'm rested and ready for the 68 miles over White Cap Mountain into Monson, Maine, my next resupply point.