Route 66 Day 10: White Sands

In the Southern New Mexico desert lies a 273-mile stretch of perfectly white gypsum sand dunes called White Sands National Monument.

We bought a sled and hiked to the tallest and steepest dune we could find. Occasionally, we heard explosions not too far off in the distance. Apparently, the White Sands Missile Range is still active. After an afternoon of sledding, laying in the sun, and tossing the football around, we got back on the road and headed north to rejoin Route 66.  

03-13-12: White Sands National Monument03-13-12: Sledding at White Sands03-13-12: Going Sledding at White Sands03-13-12: Sledding White Sands03-13-12: Buried in the Sand03-13-12: Liv at White Sands National Monument
03-13-12: Sledding at White Sands National Monument03-13-12: The Road to the Very Large Array03-13-12: Exploring a Ghost Town03-13-12: The Golden Spur Saloon

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