Glacier National Park

When compared to other national parks, Glacier has a look of underdevelopment. The restrooms, cabins, and other buildings have an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" feel to them. Other than the famous Going-to-the-Sun Highway, one of the world's most beautiful highways ever constructed, roads are scarce, bumpy, and don't take you deep into the park. If you want to see the best the park has to offer, the best of the ancient glaciers and old-growth forests, you'll need to go deeper, and you'll have to walk. And for these reasons, I love it all the more. This is a backpacker's national park.

This is also quite possibly the most wild park in the lower 48 as well. I saw a grizzly and a black bear with two cubs before I even got out of my car. And when packing up, a ferocious ground squirrel tried to car jack me. He sneaked into the passenger side and waited for me to lock up and leave. He must have had a hard time hot-wiring, because he just passed the time by eating my food and pooping all over the floor.

I chased him from under the passenger's seat to under the driver's seat, back and forth, at least ten times. I never actually saw the squirrel leave my car, I just can't find him anywhere. If he's there, he's got to wait for me for 7 more days, because I'm getting ready to start my 75-mile trek through the Glacier backcountry. I've seen at least 30 national parks now, and I can't believe I've kept Glacier off the list for so long, but soon it will be one more "life list" hike to scratch off my list.

I'm not sure if they will have cell service, so you may not hear from me for a little while. Wish me luck!