The Bighorn Sheep at Grinnell Glacier

I hiked over Swiftcurrent Pass and back into the valley, to end my hike of Glacier National Park, but I wasn't ready to leave. On the way to the trailhead to reunite with my car, I took the 11.4-mile out-and-back trip to Grinnell Glacier, bringing the day's total to 21 miles. It felt good to know I can still do a 21-mile day. 

Swiftcurrent Pass
The extra miles to Grinnell Glacier paid off. The hike there was beautiful enough to make it worthwhile, but when I climbed the final hill to look down at the glacier, I found myself in the middle of a herd of Bighorn Sheep.

There are days when I feel like I'm living the best life on Earth.

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