Our First Section

My Last Supper
Red and I had our last supper last night. Our friend Jana wanted to make us White Enchiladas and we were more than happy to let her. After I publish this post, she'll be driving us up to Ross Lake in North Cascades National Park where we'll begin hiking the approach trail to the PCT.

Since entering the United States from Canada on the PCT is illegal, we had to find another route to get on the PCT. We will be taking the East Bank Trail along Ross Lake for 16 miles where we'll setup camp tonight. In the morning, we'll start hiking on the Castle Pass Trail for 22.8 miles to the PCT, where we'll hike another 3.6 miles to the Canadian border. Then it's just another 2,660.1 miles south to Mexico!

Actually, I want to get more detailed than that. After the approach trail, we have another 80.1 miles to Stehekin where we'll pick up our first resupply waiting for us at the post office. Then 103.9 miles to Skykomish and 74.1 miles to I-90 where we'll hitch into North Bend for our first grocery store resupply.

Castle Pass Trail is still under snow, so we'll have to use some route finding skills, ice axes, and microspikes for traction. I'm excited about that. This isn't like the Appalachian Trail where we didn't even need maps or a compass to find our way.

I'll keep you up to date as much as possible, but cell service will probably be scarce for a few days. You can still see our current location by clicking the View Map icon above, which will be updated by satellite at least once a day.

Wish us luck!