The Beara Way Trail

It was a hot day, especially for Ireland. Back on the road, while climbing to this spot, a man on a four wheeler stopped to offer me some water or tea. Since all I had was sun-brewed warm creek water, I happily accepted his offer.

Now that I'm beyond the Beara Peninsula, I miss all of these treeless views.

Although narrow and often quite dangerous, I love walking down the country roads in Ireland. You're always surrounded by wildflowers and thick green foliage. 

A cottage near the Northern Atlantic coast. Whether it's a small modest home or an expensive beautifully
landscaped home, you can be sure every house in Western Ireland will have a few sheep
or some cows hanging around.

The view from that same cottage.

Heading back into the hills (aka Irish mountains). The sheep seem to enjoy the views as much as me.

What the sheep was staring at.

Lamb and ram posing for the camera.

Another fantastic campsite!