Dublin Museum Tour

The first museum I went to see in Dublin was The National Museum - Archaeology

There were a surprising number of human remains in the museum, this viking skeleton for one, but also several Iron Age bodies found preserved in Ireland's bogs. I chose to not take pictures of those. One thing I found interesting about the bog bodies exhibit, was that immediately after it was the Museum Cafe. Surprisingly, after seeing what looked like thousand year old people jerky, I wasn't hungry.

This is Saint Stephen's Green, I'm really ashamed of my terrible photos of this beautiful park. I didn't do it justice.

Next I went to the "Dead Zoo"

Also known as The National Museum - Natural History

Then I saw priceless works of art at The National Gallery

Then walked around Trinity College, founded in 1592 

Next I walked to The Science Gallery. This exhibit fascinated me the most. It was all about a guy who put in his will that after he died he wanted to be rain. This was accomplished by cloud seeding. His ashes were floated into the troposphere, the highest point at which clouds form, by a weather balloon filled with helium gas. The capsule becomes increasingly pressurized as it travels up then bursts, sending his ashes into the clouds below. Water droplets in the clouds condensed on his ashes and dropped as rain.  I need to get to work thinking of an awesome thing I can do with my body when I die. I'll keep you posted.