Mount Leader House and Knocknakilla

The Mount Leader House, built in 1833

I felt so awkward, like when you barge into a room you didn't know was occupied, and they're all staring at you, and you don't know what to say, and you've eaten countless members of their species.

I unexpectedly walked passed Knocknakilla, a small group of prehistoric ritual monuments probably erected in the middle or late bronze age (1600-800 BCE). The alignment seems to be influenced by cycle of the sun or moon on the horizon. It's possibly a calendar used for harvest or fertility rituals and ceremonies. 
Regardless of what it was once used for, I used it as a place to have lunch.
I never figured out what this was exactly. Any guesses?
Not all my campsites are winners. The night before I had to setup in the dark, in the only place I could find where I'd be hidden. On gravel between a railroad and a highway.