Nine Stones

South Leinster Way would now take me along country roads, up a hill, to something on the map called Nine Stones
I had no idea what Nine Stones would be exactly, but I imagined some tall monolithic stones aligned in a significant way, but anyway, a great walk doesn't require a destination, right?

I walk down the road with my arm out feeling the grass a lot. I can't explain why. Scattering grass makes me feel like some kind of Johnny GrassSeed

So many people in Ireland have a great view out their back windows

This guy didn't care about the view, he just wanted out and he almost had his escape figured out. His enthusiasm for getting that gate opened made me think I was one opposable thumb away from getting attacked by a horse.
At the top was an amazing view where I ate lunch and sat for a couple of hours

Oh and there were some anti-climactic stones which may or may not have been left here in modern times. It wasn't false advertisement, though, that's nine stones alright

The walk down was treeless, so the view stretched for miles

This was one of the most beautiful days on the hike since I left the western coast

Ireland is trying to keep it beautiful with many acres devoted to wind power