Ballycastle and The Moyle Way

The Moyle Way, the next section on the International Appalachian Trail, began at the town center of Ballycastle.  Markets and fairs have been held in this spot since it was built in the late 1700s.

The biggest of those fairs was the Ould Lammas Fair, held at harvest time.
Even though the Northern Coast was stunningly beautiful every day that I spent walking along it...

I was happy to be in a forest again.

I thought I was alone in the forest, but while searching for a place to setup my tent I heard this little drone buzzing. It slowly rose off the ground then stopped. It hung in the sky like a Christmas tree ornament flashing alternating red and green LED lights. Its front-facing camera stared directly at me. I've wanted to befriend a sentient flying robot ever since I saw "Batteries Not Included," so I moved toward it slowly. It quickly rose thirty more feet into the air. "I'm sorry. It's okay Fix-It, it's okay. I'm friend. Frieeeend." Unfortunately, that's when I saw a man steering it with radio controls. Oh well, someday Fix-its, someday.