Inverness, Scotland

I crossed the Irish Sea on a 2-hour Ferry ride to Troon, Scotland

On my way to Cape Wrath to begin my hike across the Scottish Highlands, I went through Glasgow. I didn't do much in the city, though. I'll be walking to Glasgow from the Northern Coast so I want to save it until I've earned it. 

The vote on whether Scotland will leave the United Kingdom would happen soon, so these signs were all over Scotland.

Next, I took a bus to Inverness, where I met a backpacker from Australia. On our way to have breakfast, we happened upon a 400 year old Inverness tradition. At the start of every school year, students, faculty, religious leaders, and men in kilts march around the city to a church where they are blessed before they begin another year of study.

I spent a couple night in Inverness to get the blog up to date. On my way to a campsite, I stopped for a few photos. This is Inverness Castle.

This is the River Ness, which flows into Loch Ness.

I passed St. Andrews Cathedral while looking for camp.

There are no trespassing laws in Scotland. This means I can pretty much camp wherever I want, which could lead to some interesting nights. I found a perfect hidden spot between hedges and shrubs. Next I'll be hitching to Durness on the northern coast.