Number 19 on my Bucket List

1. See Neil Young in concert
2. Visit Yellowstone National Park
3. Photograph the Aurora Borealis
4. See Niagara Falls
5. Take a road trip to Canada
6. Travel around Australia
7. See Walden Pond and Thoreau’s Cabin
8. Backpack on North Manitou Island
9. White water kayak on the Salmon River
10. Go on a road trip across the US
11. Visit Ireland
12. Hike the 100-mile Wilderness in Maine
13. Hike a section of the Appalachian trail 
14. Hike the entire Appalachian Trail
15. Go white water rafting
16. Visit London
17. Stay in a cabin in remote Alaska
18. Go whale watching
19. Write a book

"Write a book" has been on my bucket list at number 19 since 2006, which is pretty high considering there's an additional 150 items below it. After the last few years, and after a lot of encouragement from readers, I finally feel like I have something worth writing about.

The book will be about leaving my comfortable okay life, to take a shot at living an amazing one. It won't just be an exact copy of the blog or a series of journal entries. It will be a story, filled with many things I have written about here, but also some things I never got around to telling.

Anyone interested in contributing money for this project, will receive a gift in the mail when it is complete (see below). I'm giving myself a year from when this trip is complete to finish the book. As a thank you for anyone who has already donated to my blog, I will also be sending you the gift(s) below.

I'm doing this to give me the added motivation to finish the book, and of course, help fund the printing costs and the trip currently in progress.

If you would like to show your support and pledge, just click on an option below. Thanks again for all of you who have donated so far!

Pledge $10 or more and receive a copy of the eBook and your name listed on the blog's donation page Pledge $25 or more and also receive a signed paperback copy of the book in addition to the eBook version Pledge $50 or more and also received a companion photo book, which will reference back to pages in the book
Pledge $100 or more and receive all gifts plus get your name printed in the acknowledgements in the back of the book
Estimated delivery in mid-2016