Thank You Maureen for my Barcelona Hostel!

Thank you Maureen from Fishers, Indiana for contributing to my blog and trip! 
You said to use it for whatever makes me comfy, and right now that happens to be a roof over my head, a bed, and a shower.

And to be able to experience Barcelona without wondering where I will be sleeping. 
By the way, that chair on the left is where I sat and watched Spanish-language soap operas with two women who don't speak English.  It was a good time.

Your contribution allowed me to stay three nights at the Cool and Chic Hostel in Barcelona. I don't care for the name either, but it was one of my favorite hostels on this trip!
As a thank you, I'll be sending you a signed copy of the "A Backpacker's Life" book as soon as it's complete in 2016. Thank you so much, Maureen!