What's There to Love About Spain?

Apart from not being able to have a conversation with anyone, and therefore spending far too much time in my own head, there is a lot to love about being a vagabond on two wheels in Spain. For example, although I can only count to ten in Spanish, that's all I need to count how many rain drops I have felt in several weeks.

I also love the buildings and how different they are from home, but neither are what I love most about Spain.

Nor is it all the boats at the many harbors, although I do love how they make me romanticize about uncharted adventures in the same way I used to romanticize about long distance walking.

Of course, it's easy to love the beaches, which are mostly empty this time of year, especially when it's time to setup my tent.

And how riding my bike beside farmland reminds me of boyhood

Except that there are acres of orange groves with a backdrop of mountains on one side and the sea on the other.

And how could I not love the sunrises, and how they happen around 8:15 so I'm actually awake for them, without needing an alarm clock. 

I just open my eyes and there they are. It's always a surprise. Then I realize I'm covered in dew.

Sunrises change the landscape in such unique and dramatic ways, but because they are so fleeting, they demand that I try to silence my brain and be present for them.

That is always a challenge, but I still try, because even though the average person will get about 28,000 sunrises in their lifetime, I know that will still not be enough.
Although there is a lot to love, it would be dishonest to say this lifestyle didn't leave me worrying an awful lot about money, my future, and of what comes next. Then I remember that it's because of this lifestyle that I'll never be able to say the words, "I wasted my life." And that is what I love most about being a vagabond on two wheels in Spain.