Granada to Malaga, Spain

Granada to Malaga were some of my best days in Spain. 

The roads were quiet.

And the landscapes could make anyone grateful for each breath they took.

It gave me my energy back.

Which was very much needed to get up here. 

 Though exhausting to peddle up a mountain, the work is always rewarded.

Speeding down winding mountain roads with tears streaking horizontally across my face is something I'll miss most about cycling through Spain.

Something else I'll miss about Spain is that it allowed me to skip yet another winter. 

If distance makes the heart grow fonder, maybe next year I'll be more able to appreciate winter.

Then again, sometimes distance makes the heart realize being apart is considerably better.

Quick question... I know what makes glacial lakes this blue, the grinding of glaciers on bedrock producing "glacial flour", but does anyone know what causes it hundreds of miles from the nearest glacier?