Walking Around Paris

Here is a random collection of photos I took while walking around Paris.

A very talented group playing Big Band music outside Notre Dame Cathedral.

That is Musée de l'Armée (the Army Musuem), the national military museum of France.

The Pantheon was built to be a church, but is now a secular mausoleum housing the remains of many famous French citizens, such as Marie Curie and Voltaire.

The pillars of the Pantheon

I don't know why this statue of Pierre Corneille, one of the great seventeenth-century French dramatists and tragedians, is wearing a clown nose, but it seems appropriate for a man who wrote plays about human suffering and tragedy.

There are many great musicians on the streets of Paris playing for coins, but across the River Seine I heard this lone accordion player, playing close enough for people to hear, but far enough away that nobody could give him money. He's just doing it for the love of polka. You have to respect that.

I love how hilarious that kid thinks this is.

Not everyone thought it was so funny.

The Eiffel Tower and the River Seine at sunset. 

 Roue de Paris, the Ferris Wheel at Place de la Concorde