Rutland VT

Got to Rutland yesterday. I hiked 22 miles just to make sure I could, so getting to Georgia before winter shouldn't be a problem. I only need 14 per day for that. I have to often ask myself which is more important, getting in more miles or having more fun at camp or in town. It's not always easy to answer that question.

Rutland is the third largest city in Vermont and I arrived a day earlier than the girls expected, so I didn't think I'd see them until this afternoon where we agreed to meet. I took a bus into town for fast food and right after I ordered they walked in the door. We've been hiking together so long, maybe we just instinctively end up together at night even when we aren't consciously trying to.

Tomorrow we pass the 500 mile mark. That seems like so much, but there are still 1,681 to go. People who have asked if we are going north or south often say, "Oh so you're just starting out then." Yet, somehow climbing dozens of mountains over 500 miles of trail feels like a lot.