Sore Foot

Injury.. Actually more like wear and tear. A bone in my left foot has been hurting for seven days. I hoped that when I stopped to wait for the girls to catch up it would have felt better. We even took an extra day off and only hiked 16 miles in 2 days. You probably won't see a ton of progress on the map for a little while.
The upside is that we have our last big climb just ahead of us and we hear the trail gets easier for the next 700 miles. Hopefully it heals quickly. Yesterday it hurt so bad I worried for the first time that I might not make it to Springer. We stopped for a break and to cheer me up the girls gave me candy bars, did a dance routine, and were extra cheerful and hilarious.. So that's how awesome they are. They also said if I had to stop to heal they would be waiting with me. I feel very lucky to be hiking with them.