Waiting Room

In Hanover, NH at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital waiting to have my foot looked at. I have been limping for days and only moving 7 or 8 miles a day. Can't keep doing that, so here I am. I'm worried about a stress fracture, but doubt it's anything that bad. I will wait for the verdict.

As you see the girls are waiting with me. I feel bad since these are the most boring hours we've had in 6 weeks. I would understand if they wanted to keep hiking, but am really glad they are sticking around.

Last night I started thinking about all of the things I could miss if I didn't let the foot heal properly, so decided to hitch to the hospital to get an expert's opinion. We have had such a blast on the first 400 miles, I'm sure it will be just as amazing on the next 1700. I don't want my stubborness to see a doctor ruin all that.

Will update soon.