Dover Oak Tree

This is the largest tree on the trail at 20' 4" around. It is estimated to be over 300 years old... In other news, poor Sixgun got the Giardia. She was feeling really sick for days and decided to go back home. Who can blame her, Giardia does not make for a fun time in the woods. We decided to meet at the AT train station on Saturday and take the 2 hour train to Grand Central Station in NYC. We hung out in the city all night, slept for 30 minutes the next morning in Battery Park near some hobos, then said our goodbyes at the port authority bus terminal. I'll admit it.. there wasn't a dry eye between us. We will miss her so much. Thumper and I are back on the trail now, nearing Stormville, NY, going for a 20 mile day in the rain.

Hope you are feeling better Sixgun!