New Jersey Border

I'm in New Jersey now. I've actually been walking along the state border with NY for a couple days, so I go back and forth. New Jersey is where my chances of seeing black bears increases. They say there is one bear per square mile in some parts. Coincidentally, bears can smell strong odors from two miles away. Don't worry, I don't believe there has ever been a bear attack on the AT. You only need to worry about my food supply.

So far, New Jersey has been wet, muddy, and mosquito infested. Foot bridges and bog logs have been washed out from flooding, so I've spent the days sloshing through water and trying not to slip on roots and rocks. If I try to slow down and avoid the water, by walking over stones, the mosquitoes swarm in numbers unlike any other state so far. It hasn't been an ideal couple of days, but surprisingly I still love it. It sure beats the cubicle life.