Trailside Zoo

We saw our first bears today, at the Trailside Zoo. Thumper showed no fear and even found the courage to taunt them (pictured). "S'up brah? Whatcha gonna do?" she said fearlessly, even as they sniffed the air at our food bags from inside their spiked iron cage.

The zoo on the AT had fewer exhibits than I imagined, but it was much nicer than expected and beautifully maintained. As was the whole Bear Mountain State Park. As beautiful as this area is, it seems a bit like wilderness for people that don't really like real wilderness. The graded trail of meticulously carved stone steps took us to the Bear Mountain summit where vending machines kept soda and water at just the right temperature to quench your thirst, without having to rely on streams like some wild animal. You can still see wildlife of course, properly caged for easy viewing and safety.

Anyway, we climbed to the top of the tower on the summit where we are sleeping for the night. Sssh, don't tell anyone. I'm quite sure this isn't allowed.