The 501 Shelter

I stopped at the 501 shelter yesterday for water. I saw a menu inside and realized this was one of the few "pizza" shelters that are close enough to civilization for pizza delivery. I met a group of about ten girls out camping for the weekend to celebrate a birthday, so decided to be sociable and order pizza... it's not what you're thinking, they were a group of lesbian women. I planned on leaving after pizza to get to the 1000 mile mark last night, but they provided cans of PBR, then shots of whiskey, so I ended up spending the night. The birthday girl brought her guitar, so we stayed up late chatting and singing Ani Difranco and Indigo Girls songs around a campfire. This morning they made breakfast burritos and french toast. All-in-all, it was worth the stay, that 1000 mile mark isn't going anywhere.