Doc and Hazelnut

My sisters wanted to get the full AT experience, which to be honest, can't be done in a day. I'm glad, however, that they got to hang out with some fellow hikers at a shelter. After all, the AT is a social trail and hanging out with other hikers at the shelters is a quintessential part of the AT experience.

We met two section hikers yesterday at the Tom Floyd Wayside Shelter with the trail names Doc and Hazelnut.  Hazelnut got her name because of her ability to hunt hazelnuts.

"And why do they call you Doc?" Steph asked.

"Because I am one." Doc replied.

"Oh good, I'm having a problem with my right foot. Could you--" Steph joked.

"Sorry, off duty," Doc replied, smiling and cutting her off.

"Who's all sleeping here tonight," Hazelnut asked.

"I don't know. Doc, am I going to wake up tomorrow and find that one of my kidneys has been surgically removed?" I asked, attempting humor.

"Hmm, yeah, I could sell it on the black market," she said.

"Just as long as you leave me with one," I said. "I just need one to make it to Springer."

Some other dayhikers joined us in front of the shelter. "A kidney is worth $10,000 on the black market, you know." Doc said.

"Really, $10,000?" I said. "I can get a baby on the black market for $10k and they have TWO kidneys." We all laughed. Well, the five of us did. The other dayhikers looked concerned.

So, Christy and Steph had a fun time experiencing the social aspect of the trail, and those poor dayhikers walked into the middle of a conversation that must still be troubling them greatly.