Ice and Snow

It's the third night of near or below freezing temperatures. So far so good, but it's supposed to be in the 60s next weekend, and I can't wait for that.

As we ascended to higher elevations that first cold morning, the snow was as deep as 4 inches and the trees were glazed in ice. A little higher and the leaves were so heavy with ice they no longer fluttered peacefully to the ground. Rather they fell with a wet thump, and all the grace and beauty of a mustached lunch lady flopping a scoop of boiled spinach onto your plate.

By the next afternoon, the ice began to thaw and fall from the branches. We hiked through a warzone of ice careening at us from thirty feet above.

Sleeping at night has been warm enough, I was prepared for this, but drop another 10 degrees from the thermometer and I'm not as confident. Tomorrow things will warm up. As for tonight, I'll be cozy in my 15 degree sleeping bag with hand warmers tucked into my socks.