Goat Info

A cold front has been moving in. And not slowly like when you open a freezer and the cold air pours out. It's more like someone opened a window in an airplane mid-flight. It's not that cold yet, but the wind is so strong it nearly knocks me off my feet. When hiking across Jane Bald (pictured) I hiked at an angle, leaning on the wind, while gusts tried to push me off the trail.

I was happy to see the trail heading into a less windy tunnel of trees, but I had to stop to take a picture of this mailbox first. It wasn't in a place where you'd expect there to be a mailbox, one labeled "Goat Info" or otherwise. I assume there were mountain goats in the area, but I liked it because I know that eventually someone will walk by it while coincidentally pondering a question about goats. They will be walking with their head down and thinking, "I wonder if a goat would make a good pet," or maybe, "Is there a goat heaven?" Imagine how stunned they will be to look up and see this. I can't think of a better reason for it to exist.

I hope this gives you a better idea of the quality of thoughts that go on in a person's head after walking over 1,800 miles.

I'm going into Erwin,TN today to resupply and get a much needed shower. In the morning, I'll climb back up to over 5,000 feet, for more rain, snow, and strong winds.