Look Up in the Sky

Staring up at the sky beyond the towering autumn colored trees, I saw a hawk glide on the wind with such ease it rarely needed to flap its wings. It occurs to me now, although not at the time, that many great minds have probably had epiphanies while staring at such views. They go for a walk in nature and let their thoughts wander unfettered, like the story of Newton and the apple tree.

When I looked up I thought, "In the intro before the old Superman show, why did that guy yell out, 'Look, up in the sky, it's a bird!'? I mean, what if it was just a bird? Then what? He'd be standing there in his business suit pointing at the sky dramatically, with a briefcase in his other hand, looking like a complete jackass. He's lucky it happened to be Superman, otherwise people would be staring at him and pulling their children closer to their side to keep them safe from the deranged man that thinks some pigeon flying overhead demands everyones full attention. Then I thought maybe his buddy turns to him and says, 'Dude what's with all the theatrics for a bird, we're respected businessmen. Besides it's not even a bird... it's a plane!'"

My point here is, I'm no Newton.