Visiting Family

(Photo: Sister Stephanie, Me, Dad Mike,
Brother Michael, Sister Christy) 
Red and I hitched up to Indiana to see my family before we head west for half a year. We had cookouts, laughs, Pizza King, and Red got a tour of my life, so he could have faces and places to go along with the stories I tell.

(Photo: My mom, Kathy, and step-dad, Warren)
Afterwards, we spent the night at my mom's house in Peru, Indiana. While unpacking and setting up our places to sleep, I saw Red sitting on the couch sort of staring at nothing.

"You alright?" I said.

"Yeah," he said. "Just seeing your family happy today. I don't know. It made me realize I want a family of my own."

I feel like he summed it up better than I could no matter how many words I wrote, so I will leave it at that. Thank you everyone for the hospitality and food this weekend. I love you guys!

(Photo: Me and my gramma. Where I inherited my
sarcastic sense of humor. I love this woman so much)

(Photo: Brother-in-Law Gary, Sister Stephanie, Me, Dad Mike, Sister
Christy, Step-mom Melissa, Future Sister-in-Law Misty, Brother Michael
The Weirich Family (my mom's side)