Midnight Hitch

When the sun goes down, so do our hitching thumbs. Nobody has ever given me a ride at night, which doesn't surprise me at all. That's why I was surprised when, at almost midnight, a car stopped. I was even more surprised when I heard a young girl's voice say, "You guys need a ride?"

She was wearing a sparkly headband and smiling brightly. After our experiences with impaired drivers, I wondered if she just left a party. It just seemed like alcohol or other drugs were necessary for this girl to stop for us.

We got in, introduced ourselves, and pulled away.

"Are you just leaving a party?" Red said. I guess he could read my mind.

"No," she said in a why-do-you-ask tone. "Do you guys like music?" She said, and put on Christian gangsta rap, which is apparently a thing. It turns out she wasn't impaired at all, just a fearlessly good person.

She dropped us off at a city park, which doesn't technically allow camping, but this is where we setup our tents for the night. In the morning, we tested out the playground equipment for safety, then headed back to the road.