More Photos From Derry, Cityside

Outside the Free Derry Museum
When we passed this intersection, all three of us stopped for a photo simultaneously. I like that Yasmine and Hilda took as many photos as I did, not holding anyone up from obsessively photographing everything usually requires that I be alone.

I was trying to get a photo of the pigeons flying away from me. It wasn't happening, so Hilda helped out.

This is the Guildhall, where the march on Bloody Sunday was supposed to end, but the protesters never got that far.

Again, walking with fellow photography nerds meant I wasn't the only one stopping to photograph this door.

More Murals seen from the walled city

There's nothing significant in this photo, that I know of. I just liked the fence.

Yasmine and I wanted coffee, but we were holding out until we found a good coffee place. We passed a sign that said, "Damn Fine Coffee," so we had to stop. It was Decent Coffee at best.