On the Waterside of Derry

Back on the Waterside of Derry, there was a parade on my route.

I've seen so few police officers in Ireland (if I can assume these are actually  police officers), that in this moment the number I've seen quadrupled. I took this photo because I liked that the one man was turned away on his cell phone. His chin and belly was just a bonus.

The police in Ireland can't carry guns, but man, can they carry a tune!

Had there not been a parade anywhere in sight, this would have been my favorite person in Ireland.

With the heaviness that hung over the Cityside part of town, Waterside almost felt like a different country. I suppose parades have a way of making things a little bit more joyful.

 But you wouldn't really see that on any of their faces. And by the way, the person on the far left made me do a double-take. I admit, I initially thought it was a man in skirts and tights. I'm still not sure it isn't.