Portrush to Dunluce Castle

I stayed in the town center of Portrush well after sunset. I found a fish 'n' chips takeaway (fast food restaurant) with a socket (power outlet) to charge my phone. While it charged, I stuffed myself with enough fish and chips for two regular-sized obese men.  Afterwards, I walked along the beach under a dark sky and the town's lights behind me. I love the ocean at night. It feels endless and a little more imposing, and mysterious. I found this great camping spot to setup my tent close enough to listen to the sound of waves crashing.

I walked along the beach back to town the next morning, to work on the blog from a library. While I was typing away, one of the librarians brought me a cup of coffee and chocolate. I looked around noticing that nobody else got this treatment. Being an American walking across Ireland has it's perks. I love the Irish!

I left Portrush via sandy beach, with only enough time to get to Dunluce Castle a few miles away.

Dunluce Castle is at the edge of what used to be Dunluce Town, established in 1608. I saw a photo of Dunluce on an information board nearby from the early 1900s. Farmers on horse and buggy were in the foreground and the ruins of Dunluce Castle were in the background exactly as they look today. This helped me appreciate just how old this is.

Just after sunset, I found another great spot to camp near a beach.