Portstewart to Portrush

The next morning, I walked to Portstewart. It had been overcast for so many days, that I stopped to photograph flowers, so I could capture something bright and colorful for a change. I would love to think this bee is waving at me, but I know the truth. He was pushing back on my lens. Yeah I got right up in his business. 

While taking pictures of the flowers and bees, a man walked by emptying municipal trash cans. "Hey, I remember you," he said. "I offered you a ride yesterday." Even though I didn't take the ride, I recognized him. His name was Clive. I walked with him while he emptied the garbage and we talked about various things, including the Game of Thrones actors who were recently wandering around his city. He drove me down to this beach where some scenes from the next season were shot back in August.

Afterwards, I walked to the harbor. Why do I love thee!

I want a boat. This trip needs to include an ocean-based adventure.

This is the lovely and friendly town of Portstewart from above. It would be a good place to call home.

Next on my route, a walk along the Northern Coast to Portrush...