Hiker Dinner

This was my dinner that night at the hostel. A half-gallon of triple chocolate ice cream. Actually I left a little bit at the bottom, so I wouldn't be able to say I ate the whole thing.

It sounded so good when I finally got into civilization and it was a guarantee that I would actually enjoy what I was eating, which is so rare here (sorry locals, but it's true.) I easily convinced myself that I deserved it. Actually more than that. I needed it.

"You hiked across Ireland and the Scottish Highlands. You've lost like 20 pounds on this trip, so far. Losing that much weight so quickly has to be unhealthy, which means this triple chocolate ice cream is healthy, right? Don't lie to yourself, Ryan, you know you need this."

When hiking too much to gain any weight, it’s really hard for me to eat a healthy balanced diet. Take "getting fat" out of the equation and I start eating like an aspiring diabetic. It's one of the things I love about backpacking actually.