The Daft Hermit

After taking two days off in Ullapool, I was back on the road heading toward the mountains again.
I got as far out of town as I could before nightfall then stopped to setup camp in the grass near this turn out.
That's when I met my new heroes, Andy, aka the Daft Hermit, and his wife Mel. Andy invited me over for coffee. That turned into dinner, which turned into hours of conversation that continued well passed 1 AM.  I'm always wondering how many months I can keep this lifestyle going, but  Andy and Mel have made it work for years.  Andy is a writer, photographer, winkle hunter (a small edible sea snail), and a master of living the simple life. I got a lot of great advice from him, which I'll have to write about more later, but something he said while I peaked out his window at the morning rain, which I keep repeating as the weather turns colder is, "There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes."
This is Andy and Mel's sweet Yellow Lab. I took this while having coffee in the caravan the next morning. That turned into a few more hours of conversation...

...but I was finally on my way south again. Passing through farms...

...then back into the mountains where I belong.