The Clyde Walkway

In order to stay off the roads in the Glasgow area, I walked from Milngavie on the Kelvin Walkway to the 40-ish-mile Clyde Walkway, running along the River Clyde.

I ask you. Who among you could have resisted?

I knew there was a museum coming up, but a museum of what? It was just called the Riverside Museum on the map. As I got closer and closer, squinting I could finally see the sign. "European Museum of... the Year 2013?" For about two seconds, I thought this was a museum with just a lot of random things from 2013. You ever have those moments in life where you tell yourself, alright, nobody has to know you thought that.
The Clyde Walkway was a nice and easy stroll...

Passed Bothwell Castle, unexpectedly...

And lots of Rhododendrons and yellow leaves. Although, camping in southeast Glasgow late that night, wasn't as lovely.  I found a patch of trees on Google Earth, so walked until nearly midnight to hide my camp in them. What you can't see on Google Earth are the graffitied metal walls bordering the trees keeping people like me out, so I camped instead out in the open next to the river. As I laid out my groundcloth, I remember thinking, this seems like a place someone might try to hide a body, but get frustrated that all the good hiding spots already had corpses.