The Insatiable Hiker Hunger

Thank you Mike Sullivan from Indiana for the donation that lead to this wonderfully gluttonous, borderline obscene, behavior. I ordered a more human sized portion, but when the girl behind the counter asked if I wanted to upgrade to a large at no extra cost, since they were running a special, I couldn't say no.

"Yeah, why not," I said. "I'll just put the rest in the hostel's fridge and save it for tomorrow."

As I said those words, those face-saving dishonest words, I knew all the pizza was going into my face within the hour.

I took it back to my hostel in Glasgow and ate it while watching Benjamin Button on TV. Easily one of the best meals I've had in weeks. I did share a couple slices with a fellow hosteler, so I'm not a complete animal, but I did eat all of the garlic bread and that last slice.

"You want the last one?" I asked. "I can't eat anymore." More lies. It was gone before Brad Pitt even lost his gray hair.