Boxing Day

I asked the man at the bike shop if he had any discarded bike boxes that I could have. He did, so then I asked if he could show me how to properly disassemble a bike. He did more than that. He disassembled it and boxed it up for me, at no charge. Which is perfect because that is about all I could afford. Especially if it weighed more than 23 kg.

Carrying this box to the train station, which I guessed weighed 21 kg, was no easy task.

Thank goodness for trains that have room for bikes. The first two trains didn't have this luxury, so I was that guy with the box in everybody's way.

Woo 22.7!

Less than 23 kg meant British Airways would accept it as checked luggage with no additional $100 fee when they flew me and my bike to Barcelona, Spain!

After coming to terms with the fact that it's just too late in the year to be heading to Amsterdam next, I decided I needed to do this trip in reverse, spend a couple of months in Spain now, then ride north.