Pennsylvania Sunset

I had a goal of making it to a shelter before yesterday's sunset, but had to stop with only 2 miles to go to watch it. I may be on a tight schedule now, but I'll always find the time for this, even if it means hiking more at night.

The ankle is feeling better. It stiffens up quickly when I stop, and if I put weight on it at certain angles pain shoots through it along with the thoughts of not making it to Georgia. Pennsylvania is rough, the rocky terrain is also aggrevating the first injury to my left foot. I hitched into Walnutport, PA and picked up an Ace bandage, which has been an enormous help. I think the drunk zombie-like limp made it harder to get a ride, though. Or I suppose you could make the argument that its harder to hitch when you're no longer hiking with girls. Come to think of it, because of the cooler weather, I was wearing long pants. Hmm, maybe I'll show more leg next time.

Anyway, long story short, I ache constantly, but I'm getting to Georgia, dammit! Even if I'm limping down the trail in snowshoes. This simple life and the surprising beauty around every corner make all the pain and discomfort worth while.