The View From Dan's Pulpit

Pennsylvania has a bad reputation on the trail, and because of that, I wasn't looking forward to it. It seemed every northbounder we met complained about how it was the worst section of the AT. In fact, I don't think anyone ever complained about any other state at all. It's true that there have been several miles of relatively flat boring rocky trail, but every day you are greeted with unexpected views of rich green farmland like this. Nearly all of the complaints were due to the feet and ankle murdering rock covered trails, but to me these peaceful quiet moments looking out over the farmland make up for the terrain. The trail and views in NY and NJ were often polluted with traffic and airplane noise (and just as often with actual garbage). My foot and ankle may disagree, but I'm happy to have crossed into PA. Maybe I'll change my tune after another 100 miles of stumbling over shards of rock, but for now, I love PA.