Happy Thanksgiving!

What a great sunrise this morning! The low clouds filled the valley like a bowl of mashed potatoes or the whipped cream on top of grandma's peanut butter pie. Alright, so maybe my thoughts this morning are drifting onto the thanksgiving feast with my family that I will miss, and knowing that under the thick blanket of clouds there will be happy overstuffed people sleeping off their gluttony in reclining chairs. As wonderful as that sounds, I'm not jealous. It's hard to feel anything but joy when perched on a rock high above their cloudy sky, which at 4,103 feet was clear, and the sun rose to cast its rays onto a sea of pillowy white vapor. Even without a belly full of peanut butter pie and a lazy afternoon in a food-induced coma, I have plenty to be thankful for today.

That being said, I wouldn't mind it if some left over peanut butter pie happened to find its way to a nearby post office :)