Thanksgiving Saved

This photo taken from Watauga Dam has nothing to do with this post, but it's the only other one I took today with my phone. Anyway, I hiked into Hampton, TN, mostly to resupply for the next four days, but also to find a restaurant open on Thanksgiving. I walked out of the store with my pack weighed down by enough food to get me to Erwin, TN.

"You hiking the trail?" a woman called out.

I went over to talk to her. In our conversation, I mentioned that my next stop was McDonalds. I suppose nothing is sadder than a Thanksgiving McFeast, because she invited me over to eat some of their Thanksgiving leftovers. She was at the store buying zip-loc bags to put the food away, so everything was still on the table. There was so much food, it was hard to believe they fed eight family members before me. I ate a large plateful and finished it off with a generous slice of pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream.

To my hosts, thank you for saving me from a fast food thanksgiving for one!