Coldest Night Yet

No bears, but that was the coldest night on the trail so far. I expected it since I couldn't get my shoes off last night until I thawed out the shoestrings by holding them in my fists for a couple minutes.

My water froze again, but I stayed warm enough. I worried my sleeping bag wouldn't cut it in the Smokies, but it was fine. The only problem is getting out of it. That takes a lot of motivation on a cold morning like this. I'm looking at my frozen boots, that are as hard as a rock, and my frozen socks that are laying next to me like stiff dead rats. Actually getting into these socks would be literally impossible.

I just have to think of the hot food and laundromat dryer in Gatlinburg. That is what will get me out of this sleeping bag. We are going to try to hitch into there today.