Ridgeline Hike

This is one of the few warm sunny spots on the trail today. I spent most of the day hiking along the ridgeline in the snow. Even with cold wet feet, it was a good day for a hike. Although that sort of changed over the last few miles after nightfall. All the snow that started to melt, quickly turned to ice. The slick trail edged some precarious dropoffs as well, making for a slow night hike. Eventually, I just wanted the day's hike to be over. I wanted to slip out of my cold wet socks and slip into my warm sleeping bag. When I thought the shelter would be coming up at any moment, I got to a sign that said I was still 1.5 miles away. The final mile took the longest, as it was totally coated in ice, but at last I arrived. It's such a great feeling to see your shelter at the end of a long day. There was a sign posted out front. "Shelter Closed Due To Aggressive Bear Activity." There are eight icy miles to the next shelter, so I'm going to just pretend I didn't see that.