John Muir Trail: Resupply

My time in Independence was mostly spent in the Subway/Chevron/Market. There isn't much else in town, but they had everything a hiker needs: food, showers, stove fuel, laundry, and the most important, $5 footlongs. The staff was great too. One of the proprietors snuck extra meat and cheese on my subs and cookies in my bag, knowing long distance hikers need all the calories they can get.

I didn't get back on the trail that night. I've never been able to get a hitch after dark, so I've stopped trying. Instead I walked up the road to a park and slept on the ground in a thicket of trees and bushes, mostly out of sight.

It took three hours to get a hitch back to the trailhead, 2 hours longer than my previous longest wait, but I'm back on the JMT and 230 miles into a 270 mile trip.

The JMT requires only 219 miles or so, but I added a few detours. I haven't been in a rush to finish. Although, I am looking forward to seeing friends and family again. And, of course, starting the planning stages for the next adventure.