John Muir Trail Photos, Day 17: Forester Pass

Standing on Forester Pass, at an elevation of 13,153 feet, I stared into the thirtieth national park I’ve seen since leaving home last year. With Kings Canyon behind me, I crossed over the boundary into Sequoia National Park.

This road trip lasted three months, but it feels like at least double that. When I told someone that I was surprised only three months had passed, they were surprised it had been that long. To them it seemed like I left only a month ago. Six months to one. I think I discovered the secret to longevity. I've been going at it all wrong. I had been trying to live a healthy lifestyle to extend my life, but that doesn't guarantee longevity. Killing monotony and repetition, however, does.

In the words of the great philosopher, Eddie Vedder, "I escaped it, a life wasted. I'm never going back again."

Heading to Forester Pass
Sunset on Forester Pass
First Look Into Sequoia National Park
Last Look at Kings Canyon National Park
Forester Pass, Sequoia / Kings Canyon Boundary

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