Appalachian Trail, Maine to Georgia


Made it to Katahdin
Photos from Katahdin
On the Trail
Hurd Brook
Rainbow Ledges
View of Katahdin
Rainbow Streams
Cresent Pond
Cooper Brook Falls
Logan Brook
White House Landing
Photos from White House Landing
Trail Name Story #1
Thumper and Red at WHL
Business Hours
Third Mountain
Fourth Mountain
Carl A. Newhall Lean-to
Cloud Pond
Leeman Brook
Photos from Monson, ME
Horseshoe Canyon
Moxie Bald
Pleasant Pond Mountain
Northern Outdoors
Bigelow Mountain Range
Little Bigelow
The Bigelows
Stratton Motel
Pictures from Stratton
Spaulding Mountain
South Crocker
Saddleback Mountain Range
Pictures from Saddlebacks
Hangover Day
West Carry Pond
Old Blue Mountain
Our First Night in Andover
Photos from Andover, ME
Hall Mountain
The Mahoosuc Notch
A Rundown of the Last Few Days
Thank You Andy and Darcy!
A Remarkable Day: 7-22-11

New Hampshire

Crossing into New Hampshire
Gorham, NH
Home Sweet Home
My Hammock
Wild Blueberries
The White Mountains
Pinkham Notch
Hiker Term #1
Osgood Tentsite
The Presidential Range
Hiking to Mount Adams
From Mount Adams
On Mount Jefferson
Mount Washington
On Mount Washington
Washington and Monroe
Pictures from The Presidential Range
Mizpah and Zealand Huts
Mount Garfield
Red and Walkabout
For Splake
Mount Lincoln
AT Day 45
Lincoln, NH
Pictures of Lincoln, NH
The Return of Thumper and Six Gun Wild
Night Hiking 1
Night Hiking 2
Sore Foot
Trail Sign
Lincoln to Moosilauke
Mt. Moosilauke
The Warren Missile
Waiting Room
Still Waiting
Not Broken


New State!
Getting Water
West Hartford
Bridge Jumping
Cloudland Farm
Pictures from Cloudland Farms
Beard Update
Gotta Love Vermont
Rutland, VT
Rutland, VT to Mount Killington
Mount Killington
Late Night Rummy
My Birthday in Rutland
Forest Service Notice
Hurricane Irene
Pictures from Hurricane Irene
Spruce Peak Cabin
After Irene
A Homeless Door
Biking in Bennington
Pictures from Bennington, VT


Mount Greylock
The Birdcage in Dalton, MA
Competitive Eating
We Have a Winner!
Full Moon
Full Moon 2
Home Sweet Home
A Dry Spot to Blog Out of the Rain
Beautiful Day
Lunch on Mount Bushnell
MA/CT Border


Great Falls
Road Walk to Cornwall Bridge

New York / New Jersey

New York State
Dover Oak Tree
From Bear Mountain Bridge
Trailside Zoo
The Hudson River
Thumper Going Home
On My Own
Bridge Out
New Jersey Border
Annabel's Pizza
The Tortoise
More Wildlife


Church of the Mountain
Church of the Mountain Hiker Center
Village Farmer and Bakery

Day-Hikers on the Appalachian Trail
Injury #2
My Home Last Night
Pennsylvania Sunset
The View From Dan's Pulpit
Lehigh Valley Astronomical Park
The 501 Shelter
Nancy Drew and the Mystery of Trail Names
Mileage Milestone
The Doyle Hotel
Alec Kennedy Shelter
Rock Maze
The Half Gallon Challenge
Challenge Conquered
Halfway to Springer


Mason-Dixon Line
West Virginia

Potomac River
Jefferson Rock
1,000 Miles to Go


Worn-Out Shoes
My Sisters
Doc and Hazelnut
A Blue Pair of Eyes
Blackrock View
Good Morning Snow
Lightfoot in the Snow
Ice and Snow
Brierly Hill Bed and Breakfast
Another Marathon Day
Great Timing
Thoughts About Death and Fun-Size Candy Bars
The Homeplace
Look Up in the Sky
Boulder Run
Niday Shelter
Daylight Savings
Early Start
Leaving Pearisburg, VA
White Forest
Ice Cold Water
Pictures from Pearisburg to Bland
Worst Privy Ever
Chestnut Knob Shelter
Pictures from Chestnut Knob
Atkins to Marion
The Hardees Bag
The Grayson Highlands
Pictures from The Grayson Highlands
A Fondness for Beetles

Tennessee/North Carolina

Hello Tennessee
Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving Saved
Hump Mountain
Goat Info
Caught Up to Red
More Cold and Snow
On Top of Big Bald Mountain
Hitchin' a Ride
The Dog
The Million Dollar Question
Standing Bear Hostel
Going Up Mt. Guyot
The Great Smokies
Ridgeline Hike
Coldest Night Yet
And Then There Were Two
Clingmans Dome Tower
The View From Clingmans Dome
Fontana Dam
2,000 Miles!
A Day of Fog and Rain
Chunky Gal Trail Intersection


Neels Gap
The Last Night

The Southern Terminus


Thoughts From Civilization
Florida Trail Update
Today's Secret Word is: Radiculopathy!